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Real Estate

Is the area of law that governs buying, using and selling. It is the law that governs how people acquire property and what they can do with the property that they own.

Over the years we have used our expertise to consult and coordinate on of the all necessary permits, paperwork, notaries and filings for your real estate, both commercial and residential in Baja California Sur.

We are proud of what we do and passionate about our business. Sanchez & Winkler insure a smooth and hassle-free transaction for corporations and individuals from the time you decided to purchase or sell a property.

We are available every step of the way to address any concern you may have Sanchez & Winkler guiding you with all our wisdom to close your property within the guidelines of the Mexican legal process.

Probate S&W Lawyers


Is a legal process whereby a court oversees the distribution of assets left by a deceased person.

Assets are anything a person owns with value, such as real and personal property and cash, for instance.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without having to also deal with the legalities of their estate.

Most people’s estates need to go through probate, which is the legal process of settling the estate; but when you have a property in Mexico and a Mexican Trust ( Fideicomiso).

The process could be more complex as many clients have suffered that due to the lack of advice at the time of establishing their Mexican Trust, they fail to make the appointment of the beneficiary substitutes upon their death having in many cases the problem of getting his properties on the name of the beneficiary substitute.

Forcing them to follow a recognition process in their country’s before the Fiduciary at Mexico fully recognized them.

At Sanchez & Winkler Lawyers we have the experience on assisting with lawyers of UNITED STATES and CANADA to obtain a court resolutions in order we can get and homologation in a Mexican Court in order they complete their process with the Fiduciary’s and get their full legal title.

Litigation S&W Lawyers


Dispute Resolution is a term used across both commercial and private law and in its most basic form, dispute resolution is the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties.

Litigation can be notoriously costly and onerous, our experience conducing proceeding in all state and federal courts and tribunals has highlighted the importance of mitigating the impact of litigation on our clients.

As such, we provide extensive pre-litigation advice and where appropriate, advocate alternative dispute resolution such as mediation to achieve prudent outcomes for our clients.

Online Closing S&W Lawyers

Online Closing

Virtual Closings Service; start with booking an appointment by sending us an e-mail or by calling us.On the day of the appointment we discuss the Closing process and documents are viewed and discussed on camera.

Virtual Real Estate closings allow us to offer the legal service paperwork from the conveninece of your home or office.

We explain the real estate closing process and answer any questions, after you hire us we can draft a POA and coordinate the notarization of this document.

After reviewing your closing documents with you via teleconference / video call and receiving your approval to proceed with signing,our attourney will sign the documents on your behalf.

You will be sent all document to review and approve prior to or at the time of your closing

Apostille & Notary Service in the United States S&W Lawyers

Apostille & Notary Service in the United States

As part of the process of establishing a Mexican Trust or any legal process; some documents will be need it to be Notarized and Apostille in order the documents can have a legal used in Mexico with the Fiduciary and Mexican Notaries, Mexican Court.
For this matter at Sanchez & Winkler Lawyers, we have a working relationship with ELITE APOSTILLE that offer service since 2008; Mrs. Christine Amos that has the same level of service and professionalism that our clients require.

Escrow Services S&W Lawyers

Escrow Services

As part of the process of closing it is esencial to count with a Escrow service; In Sanchez & Winkler Lawyers we have a working relationship with Secure Title Latín America Los Cabos as our ally for professional and expert Escrow services.
With over 25 years of experience, the team ensures a seamless transaction and compliance with local regulation

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