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Servicies Real Estate S&W Lawyers
Real Estate
  • Mexican Trust (Fideicomiso)
  • Preparing power of attorney (US, Canada, or México)
  • Letter of instructions (fiduciary)
  • US and Canadian corporation resolutions for the transfer process in México
  • Rental Agreement
  • Purchases, Sale Agreements
  • Mortage
  • All types of modification and extension of the Mexican trust
  • Maniestation for constructions
Servicies Litigation S&W Lawyers
  • Agrarian Law
  • Possesion and title disputes
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Contract
  • Probate and Estate Maters
  • Amparo
Servicies Architecture S&W Lawyers
  • Building Design
  • Illustration rendering and 3D design modeling
  • Architectureal plans
  • Schematic Design and Design Development
Servicies Apostille & Notary Service in the US
Apostille & Notary Service in the US
  • Apostille services for all States inside USApostille services for all States inside US
  • Apostille all federal documents
  • Notary service of California
  • Mobile Notary Sacramento area including Dowtown, Midtown, Carmichel, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heiights, Roseville, Rocklin & Rancho Cordova
Servicies Probate S&W Lawyers
  • Advising for the implications of will and estates in México.
  • Probate is a legal process whereby a court oversees the distribution of assets left by a deceased person. Assets are anything a person owns with value, such as real and personal property and cash, for instance. Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without having to also deal with the legalities of their estate.
Servicies Probate S&W Lawyers
Online Closing
  • Virtual Closings Service; start with booking an appointment by sending us an e-mail or by calling us. On the day of the appointment we discuss the Closing process and documents are viewed and discussed on camera.
Servicies Probate S&W Lawyers
Escrow Services
  • As part of the process of closing it is esencial to count with a Escrow service; In Sanchez & Winkler Lawyers we have a working relationship with Secure Title Latín America Los Cabos as our ally for professional and expert Escrow services.
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Client S&W Lawyers Firme
Client S&W Lawyers Firme
Client S&W Lawyers Firme
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